I'm writing for myself. It's important when designing communication to know what you want to say, who you want to say it to and how you want them to feel. This isn't that – it's not designer communication – I'm writing for myself

An drawing of me drawing, cross-legged

So why write at all? Clear your head, get your thoughts in line, practice articulation, store some of your thoughts elsewhere (like backup or archive). Jorge called it external memory.

Something about writing has always evoked an audience for me. I imagine people studying my words when I'm not there. So I fantasise that my writing has an audience but I am not writing for an audience. I am not putting effort into designing what I want to say, who to, or how I want them to feel. This frees me to write what I want and not worry about success. Time will tell if it has much appeal to others but that's not the primary concern. I remind myself to just relax and write because I want to. There is value in that

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